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Making culture accessible.

An App. An Agency. A Creator Network.

Poba works towards making our cultural lives more accessible and enriching by bringing together organizers, creators, and audiences.


We offer a simple and convenient platform - our app - where we gather cultural and entertainment experiences under one roof.

We also help organizers and creators stand out and be heard through strategic communication and events. We are a versatile agency that offers both our own channel as well as expertise to increase engagement and visibility for your business and projects.

We have created a community of creators to help connect organizers with providing the right artists and performers for the right occasion.

We are driven by our strong commitment to promoting an inclusive and vibrant cultural life and are proud to work with expression and entertainment in all its forms.

Culture as easy as that.

Poba is an app that makes it easy to find events and cultural experiences without having to navigate an endless content jungle. Never miss your thing again.


Get your organisation on poba to reach your audience as intended using the Editor View.

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Make your events and creative movement known.

People want to know about your events and the creativity you want to show. Connect with us to learn more about how to reach your audience by featuring your events and putting the spotlight on your organization.

Culture is everything.

We have always loved expression in all its forms, and are dedicated to highlighting everything human creativity has to offer.

Maybe you are visiting a new city or have more to discover in your hometown. Let poba be your culture companion. You never have to worry about what do.

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